Studio and Events FAQ

Studio FAQ:

Tell me about studio mobile photography?
We are a dynamic team which combines a variety of skills in photography, lighting, make up and software retouching 
and enhancement.  We recognise how to be versatile, visionary and modern to create memorable pictures. 

How long is a studio session?
Normally it takes up to 2 hours, largely depending on the number of subjects involved and outfit changes.

How do we book a studio session?
It’s quite simple on the contact page complete your details and the type of booking you require, and any other
additional comments, such as time, date, location. Then a request form will be sent of all available time slots.

Alternatively you can e-mail at or 
or contact directly on 0741 5555 228 and we will respond within 72 hours.

Is there a booking fee? And what are your typical costs per print?
Currently there is no booking fee or charge. Prints are available for purchase on our website.

We also provide a large selection of products and prints in various sizes, styles, formats and colours.
i.e. matt, gloss, canvas, acrylics, metallic, oil paintings, mugs, fridge magnets, t-shirts, key-rings, mouse mats, 
stickers, ID photos, puzzles, photo wallets, bags, cushions, glass and coasters. 

All products can be customised to your individual requirements. There are 500 different products to choose at 
competitive prices. We compare our prices against the high street.

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my studio session?
We are very accommodating and understand the needs of our customers and are happy to reschedule or cancel if
required. We only ask that you provide a minimum of 24hrs notice using the contact tab on the website or emailing 
or phoning directly.

Are my images safe?
Yes. Your pictures are password protected, and watermarked. For up to 4 weeks you will be able to view your 
pictures on a slide show or individually via the website before deciding whether you wish to purchase. You will also
be provided and individual login which you can disperse to others.

Is this service available for people of all ages?
We accommodate individuals or groups of all ages. We have a history of working with children, and adults alike. 
Our staff are CRB checked and carry certificates at all times.

Are there space requirements? Can you operate in small enclosures?
We are adaptable, our preference is that we have dimensions equalling 7 to 8 ft in width and 11 to 12 ft in length
this is desirable but not essential. The background is supported on a collapsible frame. We can modify this in 
extreme circumstances to accommodate our customers.

What clothes should we wear?
We recommend you wear something that you are comfortable in, which expresses your personality. We will also
recommend colours and styles we believe will enhance the photo and bring out the best in your personality. Ideally 
prior to the session we will have asked you to prepare outfits. The photographer will then direct you in everyway to 
explain the dynamics and composition. The process is informal and our photographers will work closely with you 
to make the shoot seamless and easy.  

Are there any areas of the country you do not cover?
We have operated in the following areas, Richmond, Windsor, Maidenhead, Twickenham, Isleworth, Hounslow, 
Hillingdon, Uxbridge, Ruislip, Ickenham, Harrow, Staines, Egham, Northolt, Brent, Ashford, Hampton, Ealing, 
Chiswick, Runnymede, Virginia water and all areas within 15 miles radius from Heathrow. Whilst we are not 
restricted in areas that we will operate it will be determined by the nature of the booking. 

Events FAQ:

I understand you also offer event photography services, is this true?
Yes. We are able to accommodate all event needs. Be it a company function, a birthday or any other occasion 
where you would like individual or group photos readily available.

I am an organiser how can we book Studio Mobile Photography?
Call 0741 5555 228 and fill in your requirements on the contact section via the website.

What are the costs of booking you for an event?
There is no charge to the venue or the organiser. We only ask we have enough space to setup and guests will 
have the option of purchasing prints on the day or via the website. Our prices are very competitive and our photos 
are printed 10"x8" and presented in a professional mount. Other sizes and customisation are available through 
our website.

What are the minimum guest requirements for an event?
The minimum guest requirement would be 100.

How will the event be setup?
We have professional events equipment including two types of back drop, studio lighting, and indoor and outdoor 
cameras. Guests will come to the dedicated section located in the venue, ask for a photo shoot, where our trained
team will take the shots. These will be available to view on a laptop or screen. The guest will then have the option 
to purchase immediately or take away a slip which details the website and alternate purchase options if they wish 
to use the website.

How long will event photographs be available via the website?
Due to storage limitations we tend to hold photographs of events on our site for a maximum of two months.

Is it possible to purchase the digital image rather than the mounted picture?
Yes, this option is available via the website.

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